A Guide to Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Businesses are nowadays operating online. As the business owner, you should make sure that you are getting it right in marketing whether you are doing it in-house or outsourced the services. Many businesses have decided to outsource marketing services because their team is busy with the main business idea. Other times, it is because they have found that outsourcing is cheaper than hiring a specialist. In this article, we are going to discuss tips that will help you choose the right Social Media Marketing Agency. Read on.

Identify Your Goals

You cannot expect a digital firm to market your company the right way if you do not know what you want. You see, before boarding a train or bus, you must be sure of your destination. The same way with marketing. You should present your clear ideas and expectations to the agency and let them take you there. Refer to your business plan for the marketing objectives you had while setting up the business. If you ask the agencies, they will tell you that it is challenging working with a client who is not sure of what they want.


An agency will only be able to fulfill your needs if they are experienced and qualified in the field. Ask the agency if they have any experience with similar projects. Experience comes with expertise; we could say that, the longer the company has been in business, the better their services. Sometimes this might not apply 100% with technology, but it is an essential factor to look at.

Size of the Agency

The number of employees they have determines the size of an agency. You will find an agency with five people and another one with 20. The number of people in an agency should not be used as the only factor determining their performance. Do not be surprised to find out that the smaller agency performs better. Both agencies suffer different challenges, and their performances are different as well. Hiring a small agency gives you an opportunity to interact with the staff directly, and this could mean better services. On the other hand, large agencies will have more resources and probably experience leading to quality services. Note that you can hire either of the agencies but only if, they are the best in what you want to achieve.…

Social Media Marketing Tips Used for Franchising

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming more popular in the modern businesses. They are helpful in reaching consumers. There are over 2.3 billion users of social media around the world. Most of these guys have out six different social accounts. They check their profiles daily.

Most of the online businesses are using these platforms. They have helped many people to get connected with their favourite brands and businesses. As a franchise, these platforms can also help you in establishing your voice in the available space. Outlined here below are some of these tips:

Finding your voice and being consistent

This is done by setting up a good schedule for the different posts and updates. The schedule made should cover the different days in a week and specific times. This is what will help you in finding your voice. The schedule prepared will depend on your franchise. It might be laid back or professional.updates

Being local

Local business owners can reach more people by circulating the local news to their followers. This can be done by complementing new business or discussing some of the fun events. This is the best way of engaging the local community. Your followers will appreciate your engagement. Anything that is potentially controversial like politics should always be avoided.

Staying on brand

Using your brand power will help you in standing out in business. You should focus more on what your company stands for. You should also focus on the imagery that promotes your brand and the signature products of your company. This is one of the proven ways of promoting new products. It will enable you to compete with the other products that are well-known.

Avoiding overexposure

Overdoing something can end doing more harm than good. This is something that you should always remember when posting something on the social accounts. The different social platforms work differently. Some such as Twitter are known for moving quickly while others such as Instagram and Facebook can lag. You should avoid posting too often as this can end up overloading someone’s feed. This is something that causes some of your followers to stop following you.facebook

Using the right tools

This involves using the necessary tools that can help you in enhancing your social networks. Some of the design websites that you can use include Canva and Hootsuite. These can help you in creating more engaging posts and scheduling them out.…

Tips for Video Marketing

Every business should take advantage of video marketing. It has been proven as one of the effective video marketing strategies. However, you should note that not all videos are successful. There are many ways of kicking off a good video marketing campaign even for the start-up businesses.

Your video should be catchy

This is very tricky especially for those topics that are boring. It would practically be impossible to recycle your content and get a high engagement each time. Most viewers will be bored of you. This can be avoided by showing your topics in different perspectives. It should be as interesting as possible. You can also do this by connecting it to other stories that you hear about. For instance, you can connect them with some of the popular movies or television series. In addition to this, you should be creative with your content.short video

Use concise and short videos where possible

The attention span of people who are living in the current generation is very short. Most of them cannot spend their time watching a ten-minute video. It might be challenging to prepare a short vide, but it is still possible. A thirty-second clip is enough. The main goal of marketing videos is creating conversations. It should deliver a clear message to the viewers.

Call to action

Even if videos and games are very fun, you should not forget the main reason for creating them; they are meant for delivering results. Good videos should have call to actions. This will enable the target audience to contact you especially when you have something that needs to be clarified. This will, in turn, make a huge difference in video marketing campaigns.

Making use of data

Paying attention to analytics when someone is preparing any content or video is highly recommended. This is the best way of knowing of the prepared content or video is effective or not. You can also be guided on what to do to improve or generate better results. Analytics will also help you in saving money, time and effort.analytics

Posting on different or multiple platforms

Avoid wasting time by posting a marketing video on one platform. Instead, you should make an effort of posting on multiple platforms of your business accounts. The videos published can also be tweaked to fit on specific platforms. You can use paid advertisements for your videos to boost its visibility.…